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Hey Gang

I have a client that purchased a number of sessions (24 at $60 each) for the Kits Fitness World and as I no longer work there, she doesn't want to train with anyone else. Gotta love clients like that

I am wondering if anyone out there would be interested in buying some of the remaining sessions from her. She has 10 left, and even if you only bought one, three, six. . . . that is totally fine.

NOW, as I am trying to just get rid of them and help her recoup her costs, I am willing to give an extra session or something so that the value is better for you. (ex: you "buy" 4 sessions at full cost but I can throw in one free session and some workout gear etc)

Originally purchased at the Kits location but I can ensure that they transfer to a different FW and will guarantee that they are good and usable.

Please PM me if you are interested in some training, you can use it as a gift or for yourself etc. . . Definately negotiable.

Thanks everyone
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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