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pics from sept 10 races.

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just a few photos from the races. if you coudlnt be there, u can re-live it through this thread..heh!
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few mo'
last one
Nice work Sat, you really should have come down to Corner 7. Saw some pretty interesting down shifts into the corner. Never seen so many bikes go sideways downshifting. #99 made a habit of it EVERY corner. I am sure he freaked out everyone behind him. Corner 7 is my new home. No pictures from me :( I was working the flags and the radio.
hahah your not sexy enough. Ok i will try 7 next time and thats a promise, but if its not as good as u say....im going to make u eat that headset! lol

yah @ one point 99 broke so hard going into turn one, for sure we thoguth he was gonna end up on the gravel and not make the turn. Scary, no one behind him tho so is ok. :D
Excellent shots as usual Sat. I like that you got the "other" side of racing (the 1st & 3rd pics!). I really like the shot with the four bikes.
I was getting Rob's TLR sliding quite a bit going into 7. That thing is an animal! After 2 laps it feels like someone took a crowbar to your knee caps!
Golden..... those are sweet pics.. but not as sweet as your chops.. those are mint
Ha ha!! #99 was good for a few laughs riding into turn 1, every time the rear tire broke loose, wasn't sure he was going to make the turn...but he did!

I don't think the rider stuck behind him was too impressed....at least he had a good show for the whole race!
Great pics by the way!
the pics of them 4 wide going through turn 1 is awesome! Great job!
not sure who this is..but they are riding the #42
I didn't know it was you Saturnin. Good shots!!!! Turn#7 Elevation? No Saturnin was in a great corner #4. But Saturnin did miss the guy who locked it up and low-sided, as they all tried to squeez through turn 5. The different lines through turn 5 made it interesting. There should be a Grand Stand there.
not sure who this is..but they are riding the #42
Thats rscudiver. Too bad nobody caught a pic of me as I nearly highsided that bike into oblivion before the race had even started.
thats bernie..fuck they all look alike to me in the green..lol plus they rode diff bikes to even further fuck with me .. :D

sno is hte one in the black helmet, i foudn him alrady.
Nice shots!

Any of Krammer?? #144's burnout after 2nd Superbike race?? That was sweet!
goooooood pics!!!!! I wish I had been there.
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