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Hey... thanks for all of your help... was crucial in getting this cam up and running for us ASAP as I need it this weekend.

With regards to memory issues, the Samsung guy insists that the "Sony" brand 4gb reg. speed stick works, but I havent found anyone with it in stock...

I can tell you that the Lexar 1 gb cards are cheap like borst at Futureshitz and they'll drop the price by $10 if you buy more than one. THe Duo 1gb work too.

Re: Battery life (camera body, not remote) .. I found the solution to that for you, but its sold out in North America. I even called Energizer of N.A. and they are out of stock...

check this link out

THis Batt. doesnt show available at all in Canada.

As for Batt life on the remote cam, seems okay provided you use Duracell or other batts, and nothing cheeseball.

I should have some cool footage next week so once again thanks for all of your help.

(Oh... if you need xtra batts now and cant wait B&H photo has extended life versions available link here )

Also found from test runs that image stabil. works like a charm, but best result is with cam in "sports" mode or else you get some artifacting/ scrolling.

Video editting software sucks ass and I wish I had something better to use to cut my footage.

That's what I's knows...

-so once again thanks!
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