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-i've done duffy lake, chuck'a'nut , baker, and mission area. any good areas?
i need twisties, nut just two turns on an afternoon ride
any ideas?

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Cascades hwy 20, South Skagit hwy, Spences bridge,

Buy yourself the Destinations Hwys books.

my favorite in BC is riding from Vernon around ,Nakusp, New Denver, Kaslo, Nelson and back to Vernon. Make sure you ride the Apex Alpine road and the Westside road before Kelowna going up to Vernon is good.

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ioco road is a nice but short ride
Yea...there's a nice stretch up Shaunessy as well, just north of Lougheed (Poco). Follow it up to the new David connector...its a good rip. Short, but good.

My favourite spots:

1) Side roads in and around Steveston.
2) Hwy 99...past Whistler.
3) Hwy 3 from Osoyoos to Hope.
4) Icefields Parkway through Banff National Park.
5) Marine Drive from Dundarave to Horsehoe Bay.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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