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uh we DO man. check out this shot i took last ride:

shit gets pretty intense. thats ralph on the far right, jscotts' got the bat, and corvetteboy and mikeiscool are coming up on the left.

thats the s2s btw... duffy lake in the background on the left.

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It just sounds like you're trying to give tips as a seasoned vet when your very very new to this yourself.

I don't think it's wise to be too quick to discount what " new people " have to bring to the table . Sure , you have to use your judgement to figure out what to keep and what to throw out.
I have learned a lot from "new people". They usually bring a fresh view and new enthusiasm with them.

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My only tip would be not to keep up with your favorite past time or you'll soon find a late light runner sending you flying. Best to wait a second while the light is green making sure everyone has stopped, or is stopping.
+1 especially downtown, where most cagers especially when you're on your bike, tend to take a stale yellow to be GO LIKE HELL! :eek
this thread has been...interesting...

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Wow. I can't really comment on your previous posts, but will about this one.

I can appreciate the intent of your post, and you relating what you learned in the course. You have discovered that it actually applies to your riding, and will make you a safer rider. Saddle time is the only real way to get the hang of this sport, and it sounds like you are enjoying it, good for you.

I am impressed with your responses to those who have given you a hard time in this and other posts. The high road is often more difficult to navigate, but shows a maturity that many lack.

Keep on riding, and don't be shy/intimidated to relate your experiences. Everyone started out as a newb, but few are willing to share their experiences, perhaps because they might be treated as you have been.
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