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PSSR Sept/Oct Update

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Our next event at PIR on 9/29 is sold out - thanks, all! We do still have some openings for our last PIR event of the season on 10/13.

Our final event of the year will be our two days at Thunderhill in Willows, CA on 10/17 & 18. A and B groups are approaching capacity, so don't proscrastinate. C group has some openings - for those of you considering it, get with it!

The track is big grins - super-sized, much more techinical than PIR, for sure, with significant elevation changes (as well as an ample supply of left turns). Best of all, our smarter-than-average riders have kept the ambulance parked for four years running, so the track is quite safe.

The only people who don't have a total blast down there are the poor citizens that happen to share the restaurant with us for dinner (vigorous bench racing).

We've arranged for bike transportation out of Portland - see our website for info (www.pssrtrack.com).

Here's a video that the Lines crew shot last season:


Dan Batz/PSSR
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