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Allright maybe it wasnt so dramatic but check this out.Taught my girlfriend how to ride this summer on my 2003 gixxer 6( big mistake) and man have I created the sport bike stealing monster of all time.Rushed home to go for a ride after work to come home to an empty garage and the note."gone ridding,hope you dont mind" dang! girl done picked my pocket.Solution??? the 2005 gixxer 1000 I bought with her money,Yah score one for me!!!!
Gotta honestly say though god she looks good riding a bike,nothing better than ponytails coming outa the backs of some of those helmets.To all the girls out there all I can say is "yah girly" that and call me to go for a ride...


P.S. passing on your left
haha you scared me with your topic.
But yea, defintely it's cool for chicks to ride bikes. It's time for them to move up from the passenger seat to the rider seat. Good to hear man.
Just remember to ask her to be careful on the street. Nothing worse than hearing from your gf that she fell (knock on wood).

See ya out there~
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