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Question about throttle play

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Hi guys,
I'm a newbie here, but find this site very entertaining!
I was hoping to get a discussion about throttle play(slack). I'm the proud owner of a 2006 gsx 600R. It's a great bike, but I noticed I have a lot of slack on my throttle. I can rotate the throttle about 1 inch before the cable is taut. Is this normal? Originally, this throttle had little slack and was very responsive. I have the bike booked back for service next week, but thought I'd ask you guys your experiences


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There should never be that much slack in the line. Sounds like it needs adjustment for sure. I can turn the throttle on my bike a fraction, and the RPMs are affected.
1" - that's wayyyyyy too much. look in your manual - i think it should only be something like 3 mm.
there will be two adjusters on the bottom of the throttle assembly. they need to be turned out to increase the cover length of the throttle cables, and take up the slack. if you cannot get the slack out by doing that, there is another problem, such as the cables being stretched to service limit. they can also have a coarser adjustment at the throttle bodies, but it shouldn't need to be done there.

like anna said, slack should only be a few mm.
you'd never get an inch of play with both cables connected. the return cable is probably off.
if it isnt returning on its own then the return cable isnt connected
is there an echo in here?
There's a bit of an art to it. First you want to set the opener cable so it's got as little slop as practical and keep the closer cable slack for now. Test it with the engine running to ensure that it doesn't pick up the idle as the bars are moved from lock to lock. Now that the opener cable is set you can tighten up the closer cable until it's no longer slack but so that there's only very, very little or just barely no tension in the overall system. With the throttle grip cleaned and the tube greased around the cable area and either very lightly oiled or just plain waxed on the bar for little or no stickiness the throttle should SNAP closed when released.

All in all this is a great time to pull this all apart, check the cables for fraying, kinks or breakage and to clean and lube the cables, check for any stickiness due to wear and to clean and properly lube the throttle grip.

And while you're at it set up the clutch and brake levers to suit your body and clean and lube the clutch cable. These controls are how your body interfaces to your bike. It's worth spending an afternoon to inspect, clean and lube everything and get it set so it fits YOU and not the gorilla or munchkin that owned it last. Even new bikes need their controls to be set up for the rider.

But in your case I suspect something came loose or broke... Yes SS this IS an echo... :D
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Thanks for all the replies. Something must broke..I tried adjusting the cable but no luck. Off to Suzuki it goes!

thanks again

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