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Question for the 6R guys ?

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Will the fairings from a 2000 6R mount up to an 01 6R. Where they changed al all ? I am pretty sure they will fit but I just wanna make sure before I pick up a spair set for stunting. I am gonna get an unbelieveable deal if they fit.
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If they are stock there might be a couple of minor variations but if the price is right WHO CARES. If they are after market then AFAIK they come with no holes drilled so you can do what you want.

But the guys at BK could probably answer this pretty quick.
Man where you ever quick at the draw :eek Ya I will probably give BK a call tomorrow and find out. They are blue like mine but with a couple of abrasions here and there on one side but no cracks. I would say 50 bucks is a steal for a front and both side fairings.
what!?!?!?!? 50$!?!?! I'm gonna assume that's a private sale. If not and there's a second set available, let me know 'cause i'm in!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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