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So I finally decided to change my oil filter...wow, what a pain in the ass. Who's bright idea was it to stick the filter under the exhaust? Wasn't that hard actually but I decided to check out my air filter too so I ended up taking apart pretty much the whole bike.

I just have a question about the fuel cap cover, bracket thing. You know how there are 8 hex screws for it? Do all of them actually screw into something? I noticed that 3 of them don't even thread in, so it's just sitting in the slots...I'm suprised I haven't lost them yet; I figure they would just pop out if I hit a bump.

Oh ya, funny thing happened tonight after I "re-assembled" my bike. I took it out for a ride street-fighter style; was too lazy to put the front fairings back on and it was getting dark out. When I got home I noticed that I nearly lost my exhaust pipe :laughing Yeah, guess I should've double checked all the bolts before I left...

Anyone have any spare M8 bolts by any chance? :surrender

Oh ya, by "street-fighter" I really mean "Mickey Mouse"...looks hilarious, I just slapped on a pair of white FZR400 mirrors on it and left front cowling and side fairings off. I think I may leave it that way for a while.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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