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Kit, I know you said it wasn't possible, but it is!!

Some info stolen from elsewhere:

Paint by PPG. Deltron 2000. You can find local vendor thru www.ppg.com.
*** PROPHET FORMULA *** (it was taken with special paint detect gun of real R6/R1)
DBC4798 - one pint
Consist of:
DMD646 - 19.5
DMD624 - 159.6
DMD658 - 226.3
PRL92 - 269.8
DBX689 - 531.7
Ok, you must send area down with fine 400 sand paper.
Spray some SXA1050(plastic adhesion promoter). Two coats and let it dry in between.
Then mix your DBC4798(yamaha blue) with DT870(reducer) 1:1. You might want to add some more reducer to make the mixture thinner so it spray ok using airbrush. DBC4798 does not need flex agent as it is flexible by itself.
Spray 3-4 THIN layers, but give it atlist 1 hour to dry in between layers. Otherwise lower layer will start cracking and you'll have to sand it down again and start over. Trust me!!! It took me two weeks to complete!
For clear coat I used DCU2021(urathane clear)+DT870(reducer)+DCX61(hardener). Use 4:1:1 mixture.
Spray 1st clear coat and let it dry for good 3-4 hrs @ 70 degrees and longer at lower temp. Do not even bother using hairdrier as it start to buble up. Tried that and had to sand it down again . Spray second coat on and make it realy wet. I found better way to get rid of all drips and runs is by spraying more over so it floods and then whipe the droplets at the bottom. Remember you can always sand it down when its dry (after 6-8 hrs) and put another coat on.
Try to pick clear envoiorment like garage other wise you'll end up with flys and bugs and furballs in your hugger. But no sweat, you can always sand it all off!
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