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"race" Biker build off

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If anybody missed this they should check it out if and when it repeats. cool concept, and the bikes turned out really sweet.

Rooke must of screwed up that LC8 engine. With all that stuff cut off I wasn't sure it would even start. I thought he'd should have done better in the drag race. 'course his bike was not entirely a race bike, more a race custom, & His skills probably aren't quite up to Sands's as well too I guess.
With that engine done proper and dropped in Sands bike..that would be impressive.
there seems to bit a contreversy alluded to in the second link.
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sorry same link twice. Just mentioning that there seemed to be a little creative editing or something done. Rooke managed to get into trouble during taping again as well.
watch it if you can. It might be just me, but Rooke looked pretty baked in the beginning.
on a previous shown build or bust with russell mitchell as Doug said:
doug said:
he was kicked off biker buildoff once already for being a whiny bitch about not being paid for his frame on a russ mitchell bike
and on this show some "editing" was done. to quote the second link:
So, there's your best two-of-three - game, set and match, right? Wrong. This is where the TV magic happens. After some whispering between producers and the builders, a last run was taken in which Rooke held off Sands by a couple lengths to win one pass. What do you want to bet that one gets shown first or second on TV?
If I remember correctly the third run run was shown second. as well I don't think there was any mention of a mechanical problem which apparently handed the Rooke bike it's win in the dirt.
imagine sands bike with the LC8 done proper.
doug said:
they clearly showed sands pulling up
ah..I must of forgot that bit.
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