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Here's the list I use for a Typical race day. Ask ANY racer and they can easily pick off 5 things they've forgot to bring to the track. Adapt it to your needs. Some will add to it others will take items off. Feel free to add anything I may have foregotten or bring.

Track Day List

• Bike
• Fuel (For bikes and for generator)
• Belly Pan
• Stand (front and Back)
• Tire Warmers
• Tire gauge
• Air Pig
• Key (For Bike)
• Duct Tape
• Tools
• Fire Extinguisher
• Spare parts bin (Rearsets-clipons-windscreens-pegs-sliders-levers-etc)
• Tires and/or wheels
• Riding Gear (Suit-Back Protector-helmet-gloves-boots-ear plugs- spare shields-clean dry socks-t-shirts-rain Gear)
• Water (to drink)
• Bike fluids (Oil, Water Wetter, Water)
• Latex or Rubber Gloves
• Generator + Extension cords
• Flash light or LED flash light or Pen light
• Safety wire
• Safety wire pliers
• Carpet for pit area
• Number for the front of your Pit (New for this year- every pit must show their race number so the crash truck and race officials to easily find you)
• Folding Table
• Db Comm (With a fresh battery)
• Lap Timer (With a fresh battery)
• Brake Pads
• Spare hardware (nuts, bolts, dzus clips, washers)
• Folding chairs
• Chain lube/ cable lube
• Camera or video camera
• Medical sheet and Emergency contacts
• FOOD (Snacks, lunch, veggies, stuff to nibble on)
• Fan (To cool rider and dry gear)
• Cooler with ice
• Stop watch
• Notebook and pen

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Good list. One more item, bring a friend to work a corner. That extra volunteer could be the difference between a well run day or having to red flag every incident. With the weekend coming up, we want to have at least three workers per corner. No experience necessary, we train on the job.

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Brake cleaner and clean rags for cleaning brake rotors of brake dust, and brake fluid
Cleaner and clean cloths for wiping bugs off gear and visor and windscreen on bike,
Sun Lotion, so you can keep from sun burn (hat and sun glasses)
Wallet, with lots of cash (sometimes used to bribe officials ;)
Key for trailer (if applicable)
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