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The Buy and Sell areas have been set up a little different than the other forum areas. Here's a list of how we work in these sections.

  1. It only accepts original posts for items for sale. Any other posts that are not for bike parts in this section will be moved or deleted without notice!
  2. PLEASE be sure to post ALL the details about the item for sale. This will avoid lots of useless Private Messages (PM's) messages for you to reply to. Be sure to include a complete description along with accesorries and PRICE (you'd be surprised at how often this is missed).
  3. Original posters ONLY can reply to their OWN threads to change price, add details or pictures or occasionally bump up their thread. If it gets any more than a weekly bump the bump posts may be deleted. Be cool here folks. If you find that you need to change something such as price or add pictures DO NOT POST A NEW REPLY! Instead EDIT the original post to include the changes. We won't tolerate using an addition to bump early.
  4. PLEASE EDIT POST WITH A NOTICE TO YOUR OWN THREAD WHEN THE ITEM IS SOLD. This will cut down on your having to reply to PM's. The time you save will be your own.
  5. Please be sure that you allowed for recieving either or both Private Messages (PM's) and/or email directed through this site in your profile. If no one can contact you then you won't hear anything. Check your "Edit Profile" under "User CP" to do this.
  6. If you make it a practice to check the site out without logging on you'll never see your Private Message notification. LOG IN.... And it helps to ensure that the "Notify when new messages " option is on in your profile.

  1. YOU CANNOT REPLY TO A FOR SALE POST! Don't even try. This is to cut down on the past banter that clouded the item for sale.
  2. If you want to reply about the item use the PM (Private Message) button on the bottom of the post.
  3. For people replying please be patient. The poster WILL get back to you. He wants your money after all. Just send them a PM and wait. Not everyone comes on every day.

If you have any questions about this forum PM me at the button below. If you have a general rant or honest critisism please post a thread in the Suggestions forum.

Thankyou for your attention.
The Management.
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