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Rear spring help needed.

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Ok, I have a '98 TLR with the original rear shock set up removed. It has an aftermarket adjustable coil-over replacement. The problem being that the rear end is too high (has effectively changed the front end geomitry). The shock has an adjustable spring perch, but it is adjusted all the way out (as low as it can go). I think that if I had a shorter spring in its place I would have some room to play with the rear end hieght.
Here is the Question: Where can I source a rear spring that can be sold to me by dimensions and not by application?
I am in the Okanagan so local is always better , but any help would be great.
Thanks, Gord.
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the spring shouldn't be used to adjust ride height.
I don't know about your bike, but when I sit on mine I'm pretty sure that the spring is the thing that keeping my ass in the air. I agree that the adjustment on the shock should be for spring preload, but in this case the adjustment is backed all the way off and the bike still looks like an angry wasp.
Any suggestions as to how to fix it?
The spring needs to fit the shock and have the rete needed for the bike. So fiting a "short" spring is not the way to do this.

What you need is either a shorter shock eye to eye distance or a custom link in the linkage or a combo of both.

If the aftermarket shock set the bike up with a higher back end than it can compensate for then it's not really the right shock to be using. You should shop around with a tape measure and find a shock that is shorter but that will handle the weight of the TLR.

In otherwords attack the cause of the problem rather than put a Bandaid over the sucking chest wound.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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