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Removing the secondary throttle body plates?

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Has anyone ever done this? I've heard of a few guys doing this, just wondering if anyone can report on their personal experience. Its supposed to give better throttle response down low and add some top end power. Thanks.
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I've heard of guys removing the CHOKE plates, but not the secondary butterflies.From what I understand, the newer bikes have a small motor and an ECU controlling the second set of throttle plates to smooth-out power delivery.

is it the actual throttle plates, or choke plates you are looking at?
I'd would agree that you should get some better top end power since your removing a obstruction in the throttle body but it I think you would sacrifice throttle response in the process.

From what I've read/seen/felt the secondaries are added to smooth out the throttle response which is a good thing. When fuel injected bikes first came out (ie with single manual butterfy's) a lot of people complained about how the throttle response was too jerky and not like their carbed bike. I think these secondary butterfly's are the manufacturers response to that.

To sum it up would you rather twist the throttle coming out of a turn and have your tire break free or would you rather have the power come on smooth and strong? I dunno, just my 2cents
The guys over at the Z1000 part of the fourms at www.riderforums.com are doin g it with good results so far. It needs to be done in conjunction with a Powe Commander tuning and added accelerator pump program.

I have not tried it on my bike yet but so far all the folks seem to like it.
i've done it on my 1000 and it worked fine. the gains are minimal at best. free power is still free power though.
I have also seen people simply lockwire the butterfly open. May set off the MIL. I have not heard of it being a problem. I've heard of it being done at the track as a fail-safe. If the motor that drives the valve fails you could lose a race. Generally speaking Japanese electronics are very reliable though.

Would you notice a benefit on the street or 'seat of the pants' feel: I highly doubt it. Just ride your wonderful machine and I'll live vicariously through you.
Thanks for the tips guys...I'm probably just going to leave it as is.
Item's like TRE's trick the electronics and keep the secondaries open all the time. I noticed a big diff on my Strom withought a PCIII as it smoothed out the dreaded Fi snatch somehow, but once the PCIII was added I couldn't notice a difference either way.
That's cool. I thought the TRE mod just changed the ignition timing advance. Does the TRE mod do that for the Suzuki's or the Kawi's?
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