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Hello Jayson,
I said nothing but speed kills - we have reviewed the audio - any
negative comments you may have heard came from a caller to Open Phones.
I have some dignity and respect for the loss suffered and wouldn't be so
crass. You are mistaken in your time of loss. My condolences at this
obvious bad time.
Speed kills - whether on a bike or in a car - hopefully the segment of
Open Phones yesterday is another reminder to people to slow down.
I hope you can continue to listen to the FOX Morning Show.
Jeff O'Neil

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If you have ever ridden a motorbike you would know what the appeal of
that stretch of road is... it however is no more dangerous then the
stretch of highway between many, many towns, villages and cities with in
BC. The truly sad part is when people are so wrapped up in their own
lives that they feel the need to drive through/past or leave an accident
scene, which is illegal.

Unknown factors contributed cost Rick Sanchez his life, which will
echo through out his family's future. But for anyone to call him or any
of the other riders that frequent that highway losers or some of the
other terms I just heard on your show is truly a low point in your show.

Riders died on roads all across BC every year... it's brought front and
centre when it is on the S2S because it such a high volume road.


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Sounds like a pretty reasonable reply.

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What exactly did Jeff say?

Exact quotes if u can, not what you felt he said.
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