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Richmond/Van Riders

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Hey guys and gals, I am looking to try and meet up with some riders in the Richmond/Vancouver area who are interested in going for rides,

I only have the beginner license so any rides that we go on the other rider would need to understand that I wont be following you hot into that sharp corner, just looking to get more street practice atm.

PM me if you are interested, on the plus side, I am extremely handy with a wrench (heavy duty mechanic) and would be able to troubleshoot electrical/mechanical issues. However I am sorry I dont really touch carberators.


Colin J
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there's a night ride tmw night for modeate pace. again, you dont' have to catch up at all, just take it slow and enjoy it at your own pace. do you ahve a class 6 or u stil have ur learners.
I only have the beginners and I have to wait another 20 days before I can do the skills test which removes supervisor and speed restriction, of which due to police being on the board I will not say any more.
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