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Rider down in Stanley Park entrance 23/09/06

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Just looking out my window tonight to see the road workers picking up a bike off the road at the entrance to Stanley Park. Cops have been there a while but I haven't seen anything else; I'm assuming the rider has been taken away already. Couldn't tell the make of bike from my view but it looked to either be a naked. (not much plastic around)

-I hope this is just an expensive lesson and that no one is seriously hurt.

Take it easy out there, my wife's on call tonight and I really don't want her to have to tell someone their loved one just bit it on their bike!
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That lesson would be that drinking and riding isn't exactly the best idea.
Ooh, not a good thing. Nor a good thing for someone to post on a public forum, either.

But I quoted it anyway because idiots who drive drunk should be punished as far as they possibly can (in BC that means they should get a *hard* slap on the wrist, I guess, before they go back to being premier). He should consider himself lucky that he didn't nail a pedestrian in that condition.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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