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if the rider behind you is no longer behind you, do you

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No offense, but I think he needs to re-evaluate who his "friends" are.

What if he had crashed and was seriously injured???

Always have someone that will wait up for you if you fall behind!

I often ride with FuriousFiero (Phil) and even in a large group we don't leave each other behind. On Martina's big ride out to Harrison Hot springs a couple weekends ago we were both at the front of a large group (35+ people) and I stopped in the middle of a intersection to stop oncoming traffic so the group could stay together. After being at the back of the group for 2 minutes I pass him on the side of the road.. he waited up for me to make sure everything was OK even though I was just doing something as simple as setting a blocker.

On a ride to Princeton his hand got stung by a bee and was swelling like mad, so he had to seriously hold back through turns. I never let him stray more than 1 minute behind me before I would wait up for him.

It's just stupid to ride with people that don't care for your well being. Make sure you have someone that will wait up for you should you ever fall behind!
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