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Rossi & Bayliss

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I am not suprised to see the front row look like this if Bayliss had been racing GP all year, but to hop on the Duc GP bike for the first time in a year and rip off those times, is pretty dam good. I think he we may be in for a very good race, it could be one of the best races this year. Unfortunatly I will up at Pemberton practicing, so I hope someone records it.
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I am setting 2 vcrs, I am not missing this race. I dont' know if I can watch it at 12:30 so we'll see. Honestly, Bayliss is good but I don't think he's MotoGP material. I guess Sunday we'll see if I eat my words.
Simon went out on a limb and it broke

Is it me or Bayliss style is a bit unorthodox? He hardly puts his knees down (check his sliders after the race and compare them to the rest of the field) and whats with the sparkly toe?
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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