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Rossi & Bayliss

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I am not suprised to see the front row look like this if Bayliss had been racing GP all year, but to hop on the Duc GP bike for the first time in a year and rip off those times, is pretty dam good. I think he we may be in for a very good race, it could be one of the best races this year. Unfortunatly I will up at Pemberton practicing, so I hope someone records it.
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I don't care about you crashing my bike,, I care about having to take the time away from my ridding to take you to the hospital, haha. The chances are alot higher of getting hurt at a MotoX track then they are on a roadrace track. If you ever want to come with me for a ride no worries, just take it easy, we have jumps on our tracks,, it's not like a roadracing, hahaha.
Andrea's not allowed to go to any more hospitals as a result from being on a bike!!!

You keep your bike away from her Parker!!! :evilgrin
Why whats going on Saturday night?
WMRC banquet...Andrea is bringing the Screech!

Get back in the loop man!
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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