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Hello everyone!!

My name is Mark Muller and im here to inform you about SARACHU Race pipes for the EX500.

They can be used for either helping you tune your EX500 into a GREAT race bike OR to give your street EX500 a race look and race SOUND! They will give your stock EX500 a brutal sound that will impress anyone who is lucky enough to pull up next to you at a red light.


Visit the website above to order, see detailed specs and very in depth information from the seller whom is an expert rider of EX500's at New Hampshire International Speedway. Also including installation info, sound clips, and many pictures including Brazilian Champion Paulo Santos!

Available in:

Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] for any information as I will not be able to answer any questions on the board. Or contact Edgar Muller at [email protected]

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