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Saturday 30th. Princeton

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I was thinking of heading up to Princeton maybe via the 3 tomorrow. I don't want to lead a ride, I was just seeing if anyone else besides Nicks group is interested in going a little slower. Faster than newb pace though. Post up if anyone is interested, if not I'll just forget about it. Thinking of meeting in Abbotsford somewhere around 10. It can be changed depending on who is going.
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i'm heading to princeton tommorrow... moderate pace.... yeah not st. nick pace!!! :eek pm me when you get this, lets work it out!

Hey, I may roll with you guys. Not really in the mood to ride balls out. Where's the meeting spot?
McCallum Rd Chevron, 10am
McCallum Rd Chevron? Hmm, okie doke! I just like filling at Whatcom Petrocanada because the gas is always the cheapest, lol!

Alright. Meeting place is McCallum Chevron at 10 am then. I will pm you two my number incase there is some brain farts tomorrow morning.

Nothing crazy!
i'm supposed to be going up as well with some peeps...probably meeting in langley around 1030 ish

let me know if you are interested
How long is this ride? I'm kinda interested if it's not an all-day affair. Have to go to an open house for a friend's new place in late afternoon/early evening.

EDIT: just checked where it is on maps.google.ca .... I think that'd be just fine. Back dinnertime I guess? 10am Chevron in Abby or 10:30 in Langley? Lemme know, I'll check this in the A.M.
It only takes like, what? 2-3 hours to get there. I am sure you guys will want "lunch" In Princeton, lol. Then 2-3 hours back, not that bad at all.

Martigirl. The more the merrier, but I will admit. I planned this pretty shotty from the get go. Since Noddi and Strongarm already PM'd me and we got a good meeting place going, I think I should leave it like it is.

McCallum Chevron Abby, 10 am.
Sorry guys..... I was crossing the Port Mann at 9:40am having been drizzled on with rain from North Van onwards and feeling kinda cold even with the hand grip warmers on and the computer said I only had 10km left on fuel. That would have added another 5mins on the ride to get to Abby and traffic was friggin slow so wouldn't have made it so I turned around in Surrey.

Hope you guys had a good ride.
yeah, just beautiful!!!!! flaming gold colored trees all the way up and gorgeous sun. only downer was the popo bending us over for doing the flow of traffic just before the 3 joins the 1.

(small highlight for me was clutchless shifting! its the little things that keep me happy!)

miguel and ed, great riding with you! :thumbup
Great ride, aside from one little hiccup cough*a$$holecop*cough. Perfect weather, awesome sweepers, and good food :rockon . Noddi and Miguel, I'd ride with you guys anytime. Gonna have to show you some roads down here next season.
Hah, Noddi I was wondering what that little dance you were doing behind me was. I guess that was the "Yay for clutchless shifting dance"

Yea, it's too bad we met up at the end of the season with a dink cop. I hope to ride with you guys next season for sure!
Heh, I thought she was just groovin' to the iPod...didn't know it was a self-congratulatory shimmywiggle.
hey now, we all need a little shimmywiggle in our lives! :roflmao but there was a lot of dancing on the side too!

it feels so gooooood! (the shifting!)

hey, its true. i love exclamation points!
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