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Saturday 7th S2S

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Meet: 10:30am "the Church"
Destination: Lunch in Whistler??/Pembertom???
Pace: Your own(Hey you really can't get lost we'll wait for you there:devillook )
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only if i didn't get home at 4am i would be in
nice pic of your bike ya got there rocky :D
s2s isn't so bad anymore, road is much much better than before!!!
is the construction done yet?
is the construction done yet?
Not done, but there's another stretch of two-lane raod like the road between horeshoe bay and lions bay.
Hey Liz.... u and me were the only ones that showed up.

Nice ride. Thanks for lunch. Enjoyed your company.

What happened to the rest of you guys?? Was at the Church parking lot at 10:29am till 10:46 or so.

Traffic between Lion's Bay & Squamish totally sucked. Has to be slowest ride of all time. Lucky to break 60km/h. At least Furry Creek passing lanes were open. Squamish to Whistler wasn't much better. Too many f'n cages in the way. All these dolts doin 50 when nobody is working on the hwy. Weather was ok though.

Best bit of road was between Horseshoe Bay & Lion's Bay new 4-lane stuff. Lean it in the corners and rip. Sometimes I just take that road after work and do a u-turn before it ends & head back.

Till they finish all the construction most of this hwy is a sh*t experience.
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