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Seattle Motorcycle Show - Dec 1-3, 2006

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I didn't see the Seattle Motorcycle Show on our Events forum, so here is the information.

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I try to go every year. Its the time for my club to get together and organize long trips for the coming year. Can you say alcohol abuse.
One item they have there is from SoundRider a map book of the Gorge. Its from their rally SBNW. Well worth it for detailed directions to Rowena Platue, Windy Ridge, Mnt Hood, Larch Mnt., Glenwood etc.

Hopefully run into some BCSB members.
I'm all exicited, its making my week enjoyable.

Leaving friday morning, coming back sunday.
If you must ride here's my understanding of the weather.

Sat. looks like the best day.

Please, be vigilant of back lanes/roads that are less maintained with the rescent snow fall in Seattle.
I have lots of room, but staying the whole weekenend at a motorcyle club party. My friends bailed on me. Arggh dog owners.

If you do not have a dicount ticket, you can stop by Skagit Motorsports in Burlington. Hopefully I will find some dirt bike gear their.

At the show make sure you get your free copy of Mad maps Cali at the door.

I'm hoping to get a copy of DH Cali.

Lots of trinkets on the list.

Tis the Season.

Have fun Gals and Guys.
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Good show!

They didn't have the new Truimph Tiger or the KLR their. The Kawk Concours
is amazing, what a strange swing arm it has. You could get very close to the Duc 1098. I got to check out the Husky's, but they only had a few models.
You know the gals are much prettier in Vancouver then Seattle.

If you go down you really have to know your prices. Most of the gear was not a deal. I was looking for specific things which I found their ie. a cooling vest for $30 and three Mad Maps of Cali for $12. Destinations Highways wasn't representing. They could of sold a lot of map books.

Cycle Barns booth had no deals. I'd actually stopped into Cycle Barn at Smokey Point going down. No deals to be found their either.

My favorite store just off the I-5 at Burlington is Skagit Motor Sports now. We left Seattle Sat. afternoon so we could drop into the store. Picked up some clearance stock Gaerne boots, If you bought a set of on sale dirt bike pants you received a jersey for $5. They also gave you a free set of socks with boots. I'd also had some parts shipped to the boarder. Who finds the boarder lax.

Some of the brochures at the show were really good for free. The Edelweiess motorcycle tours world wide is just dreamy. Tours in Tuscany, Pyrenees, Dolomites.
If you are an Adventure Rider they gave out a 800 page Touratech catalgue.

These shows need to be more interactive. Oh I can sit on a bike. That tells me very little. My hat is off to Ducati for having a bike just out of the box on the floor and slightly accessible. You could'nt sit on the 1098, but you could almost touch it. Not like other displays that have the 20 foot perimeter around them.

Good Show
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1 - 7 of 108 Posts
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