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Sidi Vertigo - squeaking !!

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Does anyone else who has Sidi Vert's have squeaks in their boots? Mine are squeaking like crazy at the moment when i walk in them. Any way to reduce this?
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Hardcore riders attach a Scottoiler to their belt and use that to keep their Vertigos from squeaking.
Hahaha..thats pretty funny.

I just don't bother.

Its not like squeaking boots would attract more attention than walking around with a helmet and leathers.
+1 for silicone lubricant, don't use WD-40, its water-based and won't last. It could also dry out the leather on the boots.
Thats right, stick to Synthetic lubricant. None of that dino oil stuff. I prefer Repsol 5W30 myself.

FYI: Sidis boots are not made out of leather..not since the 70s. Lorica it is.

Yes, I know the perforated liner is made out of leather.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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