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My Vertigos arrived from New Enough this afternoon, turns out they're a half-size too small (I've put them on twice, both times with fresh socks). I'm planning to return them next week, but I thought I'd put 'em up on here for the weekend. They're brand new, still in the box, the little packet of stickers and shit is all there.

These are the boots:

Size 44, which works out to be somewhere between 10 and 10.5. I'd like $200 for 'em, so it's like getting them from New Enough with free shipping (I'll eat the duty cost). (Aaand they're out of the size 44! WOO COLLECTOR'S ITEM!)

If interested, call Mike at 604-773-9806, but don't bother after next Tuesday as one way or another they'll be gone by then. One other thing, I can deliver 'em to the west side, downtown or Burnaby, as needed. Cheers!
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