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Small gloves?

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Where can you get small women's gloves that are still warm?
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I have a few pair and we can put them by a heater if you want.
I have a few pair and we can put them by a heater if you want.
so ridiculous... gotta love 'em women!!:flashy
Hey 'J' buy some heated grips! I'm looking for a pair and noticed Canadian tire sells them. Anybody know if they're any good?
If you like to ride when it's cold out you might want to consider heated grips. They take an hour or two to install and keep you hand nice and warm. It was the best thing I ever installed on my bike.
richmond motorsport has a few women's winter gloves in stock right now in small and xsmall.
you can also go to Watson Gloves on Quebec and 2nd in Vancouver and they will custom fit or MAKE a pair for you...
styles tend to be more along a cruiser style glove though but for the price and fit, well worth it.
+1 more for the heated grips. My hands get cold really easily so they come in handy some spring/fall nights too where it's too hot for winter gloves during the day, but still quite cool at night.

Not sure about the Canadian Tire ones though, I got mine from the dealership.
I also vouch for heated grips!

Although I wouldn't rec them from Canadian Tire (as much as I love CT!). Go to a bike shop!

And hi! I'm a nursing student!!!! :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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