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So, no GSR 600 for 07.....but guess what....

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Thats right folks, for those of you that haven't heard, the B-King is going to be sold in Canada! I was told to expect them to arrive in early spring/summer, so May maybe? I have heard that is also the arrival date of the 07 GSX-R 1000.
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My apologies, the GSR 600 was essentially a street fighter GSX-R 600.

The Boost King is a naked Hayabusa essentially, so alot of fun. I havent seen the video for the release of the bike, but I think the bike is going to be a boatload of fun.
The Booty King is a naked Hayabusa essentially, so alot of fun.
I'd really like to see this bike. In the photos, the Booty King looks kinda goofy in places but you never know until you see it. Remember people's reaction to the GSXR with the triangular exhaust can. People couldn't stand it until they saw the bike.

Is there any word on Suzuki retooling the Busa this year?
Ive been told the Busa re-do won't be released until spring/summer 07, but it is definitly in the works.
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