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Well I'm not a Nicky fan, but that's a tough way to be taken out, however he almost did it to Pedrosa the lap before.
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haha yah i woulda liked to see a fair fight. but oh well.

theres already another spoiler on the other post.
talk about opening up the championship for Rossi
oopsie ,,dont care about team ,or anything else at that point ,he fuked up and crashed into him with a bonehead move .Id kick his ass for a week
elias is gunnna pass edwards then give rossi a run
contract killers are waiting at haydens Pit garage ,reports say pedrosa is already on a plane heading for an uncharted island in the bahamas

move'm to the octagon. Hayden would make Danny P his bitch in no time.
WOW, what a finish, who'd a thunk it
holy shit!
when the top 5 guys are gone ,its obviously a better chance for elias and roberts and rossi would not risk crashing to keep away from those 2 madmen .Elias was on a mission .

looked good on him .but he didnt school rossi ,rossi finished the race and didnt crash and thats all he had to do .

either way elias deserved it and looked like he was gonna win regardless .nice !

fuking pedrosa .id bury him in the crankcase of his bike
Great race, I don't think Pedrosa was in the wrong though. Unless they're in a team model, and it's everyone for the leader. He was trying to advance himself, as he is paid to do.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Pedrosa pulled a dumb move, I don't care what point of view you look at. Now I have even more reason to boo him.

Rossi, leads, but I can still hope for a Hayden championship. Rossi being my 2nd fav makes it okay though.
that line he took was more of a do or die line ,and so early in the race i think was boneheaded.
he was definitely in the wrong. it was a bad pass, he took a guy out that's leading the championship on lap 2 who happens to be his team mate and he took himself out.
Elias backin it in at the end of the start/finish straight was amazing!
Well I see the administator has stopped the blood letting on the other Gp post.

I was out of my seat for that race. A lot of riders going off the track, some riding back on, others not so fortunate.

Tony Elias road the wheels off the Fortuna Honda. I haven't seen that type of riding since Gary McCoy. I have enjoyed watching Kenny Roberts Jr this year.

Bring on Valencia !!

Reminder last race Sunday Oct 29 12:30pm Speed TV.
Pedrosa wipes out team-mate, title leader Hayden!

Dani Pedrosa has made one of the biggest mistakes ever seen in modern motorcycle grand prix racing - smashing into team-mate Nicky Hayden early in the Portuguese Grand Prix and destroying the American's world championship lead.

Hayden came into the penultimate race of the season with a 12 point lead over Valentino Rossi, who is now leading the race from Camel Yamaha team-mate Colin Edwards. Hayden was third at the time of the accident, which occurred when Pedrosa lost the front of his Repsol Honda while trying to re-pass the American on the inside as they entered a left hand turn.

The pass was never realistically going to work and Dani, having lost the front, slammed into the side of Hayden, sending them both cartwheeling into the gravel. Hayden was apoplectic with rage, removing his helmet and screaming with frustration. It must have taken every inch of his restraint to avoid throttling the young Spaniard, who appears to have broken a finger.

Should Rossi win he will take a 13 point lead over Hayden into the Valencia season finale

thats a shitty legacy to leave ,,,,,,damn
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when the top 5 guys are gone ,its obviously a better chance for elias and roberts and rossi would not risk crashing to keep away from those 2 madmen .Elias was on a mission .
It was interesting to hear KR jr say that at the end, when he was dicing it up with Rossi that he was being careful as not to take out Rossi, knowing that he was in the championship hunt.
Rossi's team mate Edwards, he plays blocker for a few laps in hopes that Rossi pick up more of a lead.
Danny P on the other hand makes a very immature and selfish move screwing Hayden of a points lead. :horse Who needs a team mate like that! You just can not say enough for experience in combination with a level head.
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