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This is from http://www.bikeland.org
I'm not sure if Owen is a member of this forum and if he is forgive my ass for quoting you.

"SBW06 was the 11th annual rally and how the event has changed. What began as a grass roots event has now become a huge gathering on the cusp of becoming a festival.

As each year passed the demands of the event grew and grew, beyond what one person could handle. So three years ago I brought on the Crew to help out. Five strong and yet the rally demanded more with both time and money exceeding what we had available. With all of us in different stages of life, new families growing, work changing, increased family demands, made it hard for us to volunteer the time needed to pull this event off.

As SBW06 approached we all knew a cross roads was getting closer. One, which would see some soul searching and long coffee debates. Back and forth we went with ideas, solutions and thoughts, all of which were only delaying the inevitable. The rally would not continue with us at the helm and so we’ve come to the difficult decision to suspend SportBike West indefinitely. None of us can commit the time and resources needed to successfully accomplish the rally each year. We felt it better to end it rather than have it whimper away a shell of what it once was.

To all of riders I’ve come to know, I say thank you for the support and great memories. I hope we’ll cross paths on the roads some day and talk of good times.

To the industry that stood behind SBW and saw the benefit this event offered to its customers, Thank you for sharing my vision of having a sport bike event.

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