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Spring...........HURRY UP!

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Ok, I had my fun in the snow, now where the hell is the riding weather! I was down at British Italian today, sat on a Speed Triple, and an Aprilla RSV 1000...... :surrender I give up, I want both! Busa for trips, Triple for hooliganism. :rockon BRING ON THE RIDING!
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When do you figure we can ride in 07. I'm shooting for early March. Probably do a ride down to Cannon Beach for a season opener !
Skip both those and try the Tuono. Now that's goodness.
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If I wasn't working today I would have been riding. The riding weather may not be consistent but the past few days have offered some good riding weather.
Skip both those and try the Tuono. Now that's goodness.
Yeah, I saw that too, but when that bike is more then both the bikes I want................I wish!
damnit I need spring... I watch riding videos like an old war veteran... I need to ride..
same. and now that my bike is actually fixed and functional it makes it worse. i'm thinking a couple days of temporary insurance ought to tide me over.
I just took my buddys new 800cc 2 stroke 160hp ski doo summit out for a boot, holy shit there fast! they hook up hella good and you can get some nice air with them might just cure the winter blues..
you guys shouldn't worry. the way time flies, spring will be here tomorrow.scooter was asking when we can start riding in 07, and i'm thinkin prob. sometime in feb. the last two seasons i was out riding on beautiful sunny days in feb.
WOOHOO i can't wait!!
I find you have a streetable dirt bike or a bike you don't care about, you can ride up the local mountains when its mild. I signed up for some skate skiing lessons at Cypress. I can ride up there get the rentals for free go skiing and ride back home without having to hall around too much gear. This should hold me off till spring for sport bike weather. I insured the sport bike in feburary of 06.
I stay locked in a room drawing bikes :surrender

Can't wait for some dry roads Mt. Baker is my first run!
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