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Is it that important to get your oil changed and get a tune-up a.s.a.p when you put your bike on the road? Are you hurting it by riding it?

What are some good shops to go to that dont charge too much??


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It the oil and filter was fresh when you put it to bed then no harm done. If it's the old shit then do it as soon as PRACTICAL.

Put it to bed properly in the fall and you don't really need to do anything in the Spring other than what is needed according to your mileage schedule. Sometimes the plugs act up due to sitting all winter but if they clear up after a bit of running then they are fine too.

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I had to do my large service this spring, but saved a bunch of money vs. taking it to the dealer. Service it properly and you will have no problems.

• Replace engine air filter
• Replace engine oil Motul 10w40 semi-synthetic (oil filter, drain plug aluminum washer)
• Replace clutch fluid DOT4
• Replace brake fluid DOT4
• Replace coolant Honda Type 2 (engine block coolant plug copper washers)
• Replace final drive oil Castrol Syntec 75w90 synthetic (drain plug aluminum washer and filler plug o-ring)
• Install Honda quartet harness
• Install Honda tank pad
• Install BMW grips using Grip Glue
• Install Dual-Star heated grips with 3 position rocker switch and 1.1” heat shrink tubing on left bar
• Install Corbin Dual Canyon Close heated seat with passenger backrest
• Remove parking light lead on signal light dual-filament bulb so they act only as signal lights (position lights already in the headlight cluster)
• Install Pyramid Fenda Extenda (using ABS contact cement)
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