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Squamish Dirt bike poker run this Saturday 30th bikes available for use.

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There's a poker run up in Squamish this Saturday. It's just a fun family ride not competitive at all. You just do 5 laps and draw cards high hand wins at the end of the day. Or you might get a cool door prize.

Must be in Squamish for 9:00 am .

We will rent out Some Yamaha TTR 125 L 's for the day at $99 . We can transport the bikes up there and provide some riding gear. Should be a great day and some brand new trails.

PM or call 604 244 7666
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we'll be there,the wife talk to someone up there today and they said its gonna be very family oriented.time to let the kids get a feel for poker runs.
Damn! If we weren't finishing our move, we'd be there :D

Thinking about doing that run (street) in the US that day on the BMW.... still got it. Invited to an open house too. Where's my big coin for a toss. Doh.

EDIT: I'm going on the Princeton ride tomorrow. I'll bring the dirtbike out next time. Have fun guys. Post up some pics.
Tomorrow morning guys/ladies,Stop the i wanna ride crap but....this is as easy as it gets.99 bucks is a steal.specially with free bike transport and some gear!:coffee
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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