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Squeaky Kawi Breaks

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I've been told by the guys at BK that the Kawi break pads have a higher metal content that could be the cause of some squeaking in the breaks but i was wondering if cleaning the brake disc would help, and what should i clean it with?
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I believe there is actually a brake disc cleaner. BK should have it..

Yeah, Use BrakeClean or similar brake cleaner on a paper towel or old rag and spray it on the rag/towel and wipe of the rotors. Work quick because it evaporates real quick. It's a very strong solvent so you don't want to just spray directly. Some of the paints on the rims and forks may be affected by it.

And pop out your brake pads. (this is a "manual" job so if you don't have one or trust your abilities get the book) and lightly scuff them with medium sandpaper to break the glazey look. Be sure the pads each go back where they came from or you'll have to go easy for a couple of hundred klicks until they bed back in.

And while they are out you can try a trick I learned with the mountain bikes. Put the pads in a pot and boil them for about 10 minutes. Apparently it really drives out any oils or other crap in the material. Don't worry about the temp. The pads get MUCH hotter than boiling water on a long downhill or a few hard stops.

Depending on what pads you have the higher mettalic pads DO make a neat ZIZZ'ing sound but this is NOT a squeal. If they are squealing then something is wrong.

Oh, another trick you can try is a very thin wipe of high temp grease on the lip of the caliper pistons where they push on the backs of the pads. I'm not sure about a motor type grease but one that I know doesn't thin much at high temps is the white heatsink compound for computer CPU's. And just a thin wipe. Too much may thin and run down onto the pads. But even a thin wipe will fill the surface and dampen a persistent squeal.
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