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Old Spaghetti Factory (New West)
Thursday, 21 Feb
Ask for the SBN Table

The Restaurant is at the base of the New Westminister SkyTrain station (not Columbia Station).

The Address is:
50 Eighth St, New Westminster (On 8th Street at Carnarvon St, one block up from Columbia Street)

A Map

So far we have:

Big Jim (Jim) + Fiancee (Teresa)
Hu99 (Lloyd) + Wife (Pamela)
absolutdm (Adam) + Wife (Rose)
feenix_guy (??) + GF (??)
Bugs (Paul) + GF (??)
BMatthews (Bruce) + Wife (Sherry)
Human (Farhad)
Crazy Guy (Reece)
Canadian_Gixxer (Micheal)
Bluestone (Cordell)
atomlowe (Adam)
xenz (Dan)
Dalton (Dalton)
SMZ (Albert)
PetitePixie (Isabelle)
Brood (Chad)
manny3:16 (Manny)
jonathan (Jonathan)

So far 24 (possibly 30).

Parking Info:
The parking around the Old Spaghetti Factory sucks. I would park in the Quay/Casino Parkade on Columbia between 6th Street and 4th Street. It's only a couple blocks walk. Parking at the O.S.F is $4 for the night and very limited. Parking at the Quay/Casino parking is $2 for the night and patrolled. There is dedicated motorcycle parking in the Quay/Casino Parkade if you enter from 6th Street.

Please only reply to this thread now if you need to cancel or you are not on the list and can come..


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Just a heads up, Jim. I just got home, and my roof is leaking!:mad I'm going to take care of it now, so I may be a little late, but I'm still going to try and make it for dinner tonight. Save a pint for me would ya?:(
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