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It's a sad day today.

My brothers pride and joy got stolen from Richmond.

Last seen around No.1 road and Francis area.

One of a kind Yamaha DT200R two stroke.

Very unique and rare bike, heavily modified with the following parts:

Gold 17" spoked wheels
Big brake rotor up front
CR250 upside down front fork with red tripples
Radial front master cylinder with blue pazzo levers
All plastics and tank plasti-dipped white, but they are white underneath
Purple seat, frame and bits
FMF silencer with stock twin-wall expansion chamber
white supermoto front fender

Please spread the word. No amount of money can replace this bike in this condition.

Very eye-catching. There's not one other DT200 like this, guaranteed. In fact, there can't be many DT200's on the road period. My brother put a lot time and effort in getting it the way it is. Anyone that visits supermoto meets, races or anything like that, please keep an eye out!

Due to their insaely low production amount and sheer rarity, I will appreciate and investigate ALL DT200 sightings, supermoto or not, so please help!!!

See pictures below. DT1.jpg

Vanillla Gorilla
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That super sucks. I do hope that they find it for you.

I have to say that is a good looking bike.

I have to agree with stonecold, it is highly unlikely that someone will race that bike. The SM racing here in BC is very much on the decline and newer bikes are much better for that purpose. I will also keep my eye open at the track.
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