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I'm planning on cancelling my insurance in the next few weeks and storing my bike at a friend's house (live in a condo with lots of theft in the garage).

I know that I have to puchase a proper stand but what else do I need? Should I invest in a cover? Do I need to run the engine at any point?

I ride an 05RR, I got my 1k service done recently.

Thank you for all the advice gents.

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Store your bike at a dealer.
Usually cost about $400 for the off season.
Stored in a dry environment with the battery on a trickle charger.
That price usually covers a full service in the spring.
The good thing is that you don't need storage insurance, their insurance covers your bike.
Add the savings and it is worth the money

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wait, get a beer and a comfy seat first!

camp one says park it and fire it up
camp two says store it and forget about it
camp three says ride it in the snow, what's wrong with you!

whatever you decide, don't forget to lock it up like mad, clean it, cover it, and keep it insured for theft

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One of the single most popular threads on this whole site aside from what to use for chain cleaning. Use the search key, it's all in here.
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