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street legal dirt?

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Anyone know If I can make a dirt bike street legal and how? I want an enduro like I want a harley. So I'm looking at getting something I can drive to the dirt (no truck/car) I met some guy the other day on robson that had this sweet dirt/trials bike that had turn signals and a plate on the back.

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Do you mean what are the requirements or how do you actually make the modifications?

I beleive they need: turn signals, mirrors, headlight, speedo and license plate.
yeah I'm trying to figure out what I would need, how it might be done and if anyone has any idea what it might cost that would be great. I'm getting a bit of an itch for big air and fun in the dirt again.

Don't you have a monsterously expensive mountain bike for that?

Speaking of 'dirt', on Digi's advice I think I'll be hitting the sand dunes down in Oregon with a couple of dirt bikes.. should be a blast. Maybe I can get my wheelies down. :D
Heres a link to the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations...

This link tells you what requirements you would need in terms of equipment and controls:


This link is something else that may effect you. This is in regards to the allowable dB of your Noise Emission:


Hope this helps ya...

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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