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-completed my first tire change :rockon I read lots of advice and the best thing that I found helped was to have a friend kneel on the opposite side of the tire as you put the last foot on with the irons. that extra space it gives you is the difference between the tire slipping on, or not going on. having a back tire that actually has knobbies on it makes riding much easier. grip is good.

- put a new clutch cable and spark plug in. now the XR fires up much easier and I don't get left hand " claw " from trying to use the clutch. the old cable required superman strength to compress. i've learned so much about my bike by doing the repairs myself and fumbling through. not to mention the cash i've saved.

- tested out my new bike trailer with the soccer mom van. new paint job I gave it looks good, tail lights acting quirky not soo good. put that on the list.

- went for a ride up westwood plateau to test out my new ( first ) boots and found them to be great when I sunk my bike up to the engine in thick, quicksand mud. bike and brand new boots got totally coated in mud, feet stayed dry and clean :laughing

- sadly noticed lots of garbage up on westwood plateau along the powerlines. soo many yahoo's, kokanee seems to be their beer of choice.

going riding on thursday afternoon to stave :horse

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through the week at stave may be ok. but be carefull on weekends its hooligan mania.

its to bad mcnutts a handfull for most it be great to have a awesome place close to ride threw the week.

mini van with trailer is great.i've pulled the trailer since may with no problems.loaded with 4 bikes and gear.as long as its a 6 cyl and get a tranny cooler.

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ya i have never even tried going to stave on the weekend. during the week i've gone a few time for something close to ride and its pretty quiet for an easy couple of hours riding.

i have never been to mcnutt because i've heard its hard riding there and with the xr 600 i like wide open spaces for the most part.

the van has a 3.4L six. where did you get your tranny cooler from j1k ? how are your brakes with all that gear loaded up ? any brake fade or the like ? i have rear drums on my van :(

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here are two pics from that ride I did on thursday at stave. this is end of the gravel road. i guess it's a requirement when torching a car to also turn it on it's roof ?

we basically had the place to ourselves and played on the mudflats for a while before heading up here and riding back in the darkness.
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