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I'm running Avon Super Venoms on my street tired dual sport as well as my mini motard. Stick like poo to a screen door they do. And they are intended for the old school sporty bikes so they have a nice sporty rounded profile for a nicer and lighter FEEL as well as being sticky. I also really suggest you go for a front as well.

Another good tire for your bike that has some good grip would be the Bridgestone BT45's. Again these are tires intended for yesteryears sporty bikes.

You may also want to check with her on how she's braking. If she's using a lot of rear brake while pulling hard on the front lever then that may explain why the rear is sliding around. It's very counter intuitive that as the front is used harder the rear needs to be used with less pressure but it is the case and often leads new riders to think there's something wrong with the rear end.

Pilot Powers are radials and don't come in the size you need and you should be using the old school tires on this bike anyhow.
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