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Meeting time and place:
Meet at 3pm and leave 3:15pm (don't forget to set your clock 1 hour back!) from Safeway on Granville between 67th and 70th Ave, in the parking lot Granville side (the part next to Granville but far from Safeway). Possible to enter from Granville if you're coming from North, or from 70th Ave. (west of Granville) if you're coming from East, South and West. As many riders already have quit riding for the year, please RSVP if you're coming. I'm expecting a small group. Possibility to create more meeting places on the way upon request...so post up!

Pace: Slow, 10-20km/h over the speedlimit mostly. Newbie friendly.

Route: Marine Dr., New West, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Belcarra. There's no gas station in Belcarra, please come with enough fuel to run at least for 100km.
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