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Sunday Sept 24 meet at noon - pre flip lunch ride

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Hey guys
So I'm gonna do a short ride before the flip lunch on Sunday, and we'll plan the ride after - during lunch. Let's say... meet at Park Royal in the Village Starbucks at noon, and we'll decide on the destination from there. Maybe hit up the Cypress lookout - or Seymour and then head over the bridge to Josephine's for lunch. Looks like the meet for lunch with be at 2pm. Ride is weather permitting although its supposed to be fair weather til mid next week. We'll see what happens and I'll post up by Saturday night to confirm. But if its looking sketchy on Sunday I'm definitely caging it to lunch! All levels of riding welcome, and noobs make yourself known so we can arrange a buddy or two to lead/sweep ya. If you need directions, or need to get in touch with me, pm me or post up and I'll pm you my cell #. See you Sunday!!!
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Enjoy the ride and lunch. Sorry to not have you screaming around the twisties in the fraser valley with us. Stay safe!!
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