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suzuki bad

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this post is from another forum, very interesting have to share. SPREAD THE WORD!!!
ok, here is some info that is supposed to be a secret.

anyone here got a pal with an 06 gsxr 600?

if so give them this info.

a customer found that his gsxr had an oil leak. after some poking i found nothing, he packed up the bike and left. he came back a few weeks later with the same oil leak, i could find nothing wrong again.

a call to suzuki came up empty, tried calling again and got the big cheese at hq.

this is what i was told:

"on some of the gsxr bikes,we have found a posible defect in the casting of the head resulting in oil leaks."

so what? right.

well, suzuki knows it is an issue but they will not openly admit to it and i was told by suzuki to keep this information secret from the customer.

a manufacturer has acctualy told the dealership to lie to the customer.

now this is not so bad except none of the replacement parts are available.
so my question is how to you lie to a customer when his bike is laid up for 3 months?

frankly i think it is bull**** and if you go and confront suzuki or any dealer they will deny any problem.

as it stands there is no recal or anything else published or even acknowledged

suzuki will pay for the parts and labor but the issue is no info how are you supposed to know?

so tell your gsxr buddies that they have a major problem and that they need to get it looked at.

i'm only telling you guys this cause it pisses my off that a major manufacturer would withhold info of a major problem and tell its dealers to lie to its customers just to save face.
this aint right after all it is OUR lives on the line not the corporate eggheads.

so pass this on to the right people maybe something good will come from whistleblowing.
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