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from www.wmrc.bc.ca

Suzuki Canada announced in a press release yesterday that in September 2002, two Suzuki Racers from Canada will be flown to France to compete in the Suzuki GSX-R Cup final that will be held in conjunction with the Bol d'Or 24 hour Endurance race.

With the on track success the Suzuki GSX-R model line-up has experienced around the world, Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced that a "World GSX-R Cup Final" will be held in France on September 14th, 2002.

Two Canadian Suzuki racers will be sent by Suzuki Canada to compete in the event. The program will be open to Pro riders competing in the ASM, AMP, CMRA and RACE regional series across Canada. Three events from each series will be designated as GSX-R Cup qualifying rounds. Riders competing in Pro 600 Sportbike and Pro Open Sportbike will collect points based on their results and the two riders with the highest total point accumulation will be eligible for the trip to the Worldwide GSX-R Cup Final.

Riders will be competing on Suzuki GSX-R750s that will be supplied by Suzuki France for the Cup Final. To ensure fair allocation of the machines, they will be allocated to the riders by a draw.

Full details on the GSX-R Cup program will be announced shortly. Riders/Teams receiving more the $15,000.00 support from Suzuki Canada Inc. are not eligible to participate in the GSX-R Cup Final Program.

Earlier this week Suzuki Canada posted their 2002 contingency program for National and
Regional events on the Suzuki Canada website. Riders who wish to participate will need to register with Suzuki to receive their cash awards.

In other Suzuki news, riders confirmed for the 2002 season include Francis Martin, back on the Fast Company/Dunlop Canada/Suzuki Canada GSX-R1000 Superbike, which is once again being tuned by 2001 "Tuner of the Year" Scott Miller. Returning teammate to Martin will be Clint McBain riding the GSX-R600 and GSX-R1000 Sport Bikes with support from Blackfoot Cycle/Parts Canada/Dunlop Canada/Suzuki Canada.

Kevin Lacombe will join Michael Leon and Ugo Levert on the Diablo support team. Now with a fleet of 11 Suzuki's (5 GSX-R1000 & 6 GSX-R600), the Diablo Performance Racing Team is more than ever Canada's largest privateer road racing team.

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