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Hello to all you Island Riders! I am invading your island once again this weekend. I have just been told I have to figure out my own way to the Island so I might as well RIDE!!!! I am attending a biz conference on Sunday through Tuesday. So I am going to come up a day early to do some riding and buy some great Coffee. :coffee

Here is the plan!

I am taking the 900am sailing. Arrive at 1030am and I will be FIRST off :rockon then I am going to take the Wain Rd exit and take the most indirect, twistiest way up to Moziro Coffee on Shawnigan Lake. Where would be a good place to meet you guys along Wain Road?

My eventual destination will be somewhere in Victoria around dinner time so I am pretty flexible.

The Pace will be moderate, I know the cops on the Island have nothing better to do than ticket speeders. I am sure I will try a spirited pace a few times along the way. Nothing crazy.

So do any island riders exist or is this forum always this quiet????

BTW the weather forecast looks awesome!!! This may be the last sunny and warm weekend of the year!!
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