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Hi Guys,

I bought the whole T-Pro / Forcefield body armor set a last year for something close to $800 all in.

I'm selling the pants, shirt, and chest protector for $300 firm.

It's a great deal considering the fact that I haven't even worn the shirt once (at least I don't remember using it), and I've only used the pants a few times.
Everything is clean and smells new, and the chest protector is still in the packaging. I did the try the shirt on, which is why it's unpacked. Obviously, I clearly should have thought this purchase through before hand as I'm barely using any of this stuff :(

SIZE: SMALL for everything

I got everything from here:

All in would probably be $650... so $300 is a steal!

This is one of THE BEST sets of body armor on the market, check the reviews! Safety first :)


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