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Tailings pond sunday oct 22

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i wanna see how many people wanna do tailings pond next sunday.iam out for ridng tomorrow(oct14th)unfortunatly.

sunday oct 22,theres only a few weekends left for riding there iam sure before snow takes over one of the better places to ride then we can do herling through the winter,Iam taking the family up as well as a few friends from work and such.will bring the stove or bbq for coffee or hot choco like last time i was there.

we have riders for all ages and skill levels to show people around.

get that bike out ya just bought for a shakedown or RENT one from Bill @ 5TH gear.hes got a few to rent i think.i recomend warm clothes(and spare socks and such) as well as some decent boots and gloves.

we go for a good time not a raceday.bring the kids too.

have any questions just ask. john
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Where is "Tailings Pond"?
Where is "Tailings Pond"?
I will take this one J1K


If you look about 8 to 10 posts down, there is another Tailing Pond post from last week. J1K posted a map.

From talking with a friend who has purchased a new XR650S,
myself a DRZ400S, he says its between Hwy 7 and Hope.

Sldye on the Honda and Scoot on the DRZ, looking forward to meeting the Gang out there !
......Sort of. It's about 10 min. north of Hope on hwy#1. Turn left on BC Nickelmines Rd.
just to clarify..

Drive north through Hope up into the Fraser Canyon for approximately 10min. The access to the tailings pond is at B.C. Nickelmine Road. You will cross a small bridge over Texas Creek and Nickelmine Road will be on your left. This paved windy road is steep and then turns to gravel. You will come to a fork in the road. Left is how you get to the gate that can only be opened by a Fraser Valley Off-Road Member. If you are just there for the day you can keep left and park 100 meters up the road.

if theres enough interest i'll throw up pie plates for directions at the bottom on nicklemine road.
J1k, gixxer76

The pie plates would be a cool touch.

Slyde has his bike and I order the DRZ two weeks ago, haven't phone yet wanting to take some parts off the Wee Strom, before trade in.

Actaully what sport bikes do you guys own.

I figured I could Tour on a SV1000S and Slyde has a ZX7R.

Can't wait !!
Couple of questions; first, I've got a CRF230F, would I be able to keep up? I ride it like a 2-cent whore otherwise though, if it came back needing repairs it wouldn't be the first time. Second, do you mind if a stranger such as myself comes along and can I tag along with somebody who knows where this is?

The bike hasn't been out in over a month since my cousin blew the motor on his CR125, I'd love to get out and ride dirt again.
another "if the bike hasn't sold by then" reply here. never been there, so hopefully I can follow one of you up there.
would quads be able to go there?(are the trails wide enough)
Any idea on how much it costs to rent a bike from 5th gear?
they had a quad course at the 24hr race there,and i saw quads up there everytime this yr while riding.probly good to bring someone else with one so theres a pair of ya.

email 5th gear on here.hes got decent deals.iam considering renting a couple of them for my dad and brother.we need more rental places.
count me and my buddy in we just got 700 raptors if we find it we'll be there
SUnday RIde

You can count me and Kate in,
Shes going to be on a CRF 150
and I think I will take the CRF 450r
G/F just got a new CRF150 and my XR400 needs some exercise!
Never been to the ponds before - I'll try my best to get out there!! :rockon:thumbup
sounds awesome! we'll definitely be there...gotta try out my new baby:rockon
weather is looking perfect.a week of rain and then sunny on weekend=perfect conditions.
I'm going to have to miss this one. The new bike has not yet arrived.

Yeah, weather is looking good - what time do you guys normally arrive to go riding out at the ponds?

Early morning, or noonish, or afternoon??
usually around 1030 ish.leave coquitlam around 830-900.i stop at the chevron at the albion exit to get gas then go.

8-10 just with myself and a few friends.hopefully see some of you guys/ladies up there to.I will be at the top in the gate,and probly park down by the small track there so keep and eye on the kids.

if ya get to the gate at the top and its locked,walk up the road and i will come down and unlock it for ya all. platinum coloured minivan with trailer and a sea of hondas.

Green river motocross track again this weekend. Anyone heading out that way ever?
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