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Hey all,

Posting for my buddy...

He's got a 2006 Ford Fusion V6 SEL (Top of the line) and something has come up so he has to get rid of it.

He was thinking of keeping it (he even bought rims and some other stuff for it) however he needs the money for something else.

The payments are $608.00 per month. Buyout is $15,000 and the lease is for 36 months...

I'm not sure how long he has this car now...i believe 10 months (i'll double check with him and post it up). He has close to 23,000 KM on the car

He will throw in the 20'' Chrome Rims/Tires he bought for the car as a bonus and he will pay for the transfer paperwork.

All you have to do is take the lease over, you can choose to buy it out or not...your choice.

All in all nothing wrong with the car, all services done on time and at the same dealership where leased from. Some people opt out for the 4 cylinder model..but i can assure you that his V6 with its 6spd automatic gets the same mileage per tank. From Burnaby to Kelowna less than half a tank of fuel (that's more than 390km).

Also here are some more pictures...the car is really nice and with the 20's it is 'pimp' ride.

The car is reviewed everywhere very well....just google it up.

If you would like some more info or pictures message me back
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